Truconnect 3.5mm Compact Stereo PCB Socket Right Angle Mount 5 Pieces OM0565a


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Stereo Jack Socket 3.5mm

Horizontal PCB mount

5 pieces

Please note these have a plain bush not a threaded

So could be panel mounted but would not be secured by a nut.

A fully enclosed compact design PCB mounting unswitched 3.5mm stereo jack socket.

Dielectric Strength 500 VAC (50/60Hz) for 1 minute
Insulation Resistance 100MΩ Min. at 500 VDC
Contact Resistance 30MΩ Max. (Between Terminals)
20MΩ Max. (Switch Part)
Mechanical 0.4kg to 3.0kg (Insertion Force)
0.4kg to 3.0kg (Extraction Force)
Life Test 5,000 cycles of insertion and extraction
at a rate 25 to 30 cycles per minute

  • Ideal for applications where PCB space is at a premium
  • Chromed internal bezel
  • 3 Crimped PCB legs
  • For datasheet copy and paste:-

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