Allen Bradley Mod Pot Series 73A4N040P253U-25K Ohm 350Vdc MBD010J


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Allen Bradley Mod Pot Range

The MOD POT® concept consists of standardized
potentiometer modules that can be mixed and
matched in over a billion combinations. Now, you can
be far more imaginative with potentiometers because
you can get special combinations with the ease of
Allen-Bradley originated the modular potentiometer
concept in response to requests from design engineers
who wanted virtually unlimited variety in variable
resistors for greatly increased design freedom.
MOD POT® modules are 5/ 8 inch square by about
1/ 2 inch deep. This provides minimum centre-to-centre
distance for compact panel mounting. You can gang
resistance and switch modules in combinations of up to
four modules. Select from a whole family of resistive
elements, resistive values and tolerances, tapers, shafts,
bushings, lug options and more. You get a virtually
unlimited number of design options.
General description
Series 73 – Metal Shaft – Metal Bushing moulded
into a Plastic Face Plate.
Hot Moulded Cermet 2.0 Watt @ 70’C, 350V RMS or DC
Part no Break down: 73A4N040P253U
73-     Mod Pot type – 73
A –     Single Potentiometer Hot Moulded
4 –      Locating Lug Options
N –     Bushing – Plain 952mm long
040 – Shaft length 5/8″ (11mm)
P –     Shaft type 6.35mm Standard Slot Ending
253 – Value 25K Ohm
U –    Taper Type and Total Resistance Tolerance – Linear (U), ±10% 
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