Augat Turned Pin IC Sockets 14 to 40 Way Open and Closed Frame OLA2-21-26


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Augat Turned Pin IC Sockets
Selection includes open and closed frame types in the following number of ways:-

14 Way (91-282-030)   Open frame 0.3″

14 Way (1814-AG11D)     Closed frame 0.3″

18Way (518-AG11D)  Closed frame 0.3″

20 Way (1820 AG 111D-ESL)  Open frame 0.3″

24 Way (1824 AG 111-D)   Open frame 0.6″

24 Way (1828 AG111D)   Closed frame 0.6″

40 Way (840-AG11D-ESL)    Open frame 0.6″

40 WAY (540-AG11D) Closed frame 0.6″

Select open or closed frame and no. of ways from dropdown box above

High Quality Genuine Augat Product – Photographs are of the 14 way closed and open type and are representative of the range.

Gold plated contacts on the inner of the pins to ensure a good connection, used to mount processors eprom’s Dram etc. any chips that may need to be inserted and extracted many times.

Low profile turned pin precision contact DIL sockets with standard 0.1″ (2.54mm) spacing.

Please note: The pins on these sockets are the standard straight cylindrical type (see photo), they are designed to be easily inserted into pre drilled holes on the PCB. 


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