Berker Triple Interlocking Heater Rocker Switch 20A 250V T125 OMA0262zq


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Three separate rocker switches in one housing

Two single and one double pole on/off

Colour Black with white On/Off lettering on the double pole switch

Black with red On line on the two single pole switches 


The three switches are interlocking 

Looking at the switch as per the 1st photograph.

The On Off double pole switch on the left can be thrown from Off to On independently, the next narrow switch when operated brings the 1st with it but can be returned on its own. The 3rd switch on the right throws all three switches when operated, it also can be returned on its own.

When all three are in the On position starting from the double On Off master on the left it can be returned and takes the other 2 with it.

In effect these were designed to control a heater, the master On Off switch would turn the unit on (maybe a flame effect would light up but no heaters) to turn either single or double heaters on the next 2 switches are used, and if the unit is turned off all three switches lock and all turn off.  

60mm x 39mm cut out required

Snap in push fit to 1 -2mm thick panel

Connection via 8 x 6mm push on brass spade terminals ( could be soldered if required)

The end single switch has a shorter spade as it is linked to the 1st single switch

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