Blockmaster Mini PCB Terminal Block MSG 17.5A 150V 2-10 way 10 Pieces EB87


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Blockmaster Mini European PCB Terminal Block MSG 
17.5A 150V  5mm Pitch
Range: 2-10 way (made up of a mix of 2 and 3 way modules)simply select number of ways required from the above drop down box
10 Pieces Stock reference: EB87Methode Ref: METSB-02 for a 2 way
These are made up of multiples of 2 and 3 way modules which are clipped together (easily un clipped if required).
12-30 AWG





·          MSG is supplied with clamp in the open position

·          Double captive screws

·          Elevator clamp system

·          Testing points

·          2 to 3 positions single mold

·          2 to 10 positions modular

·          Housing is resistant to chlorinated solvents, with no dioxin or detrimental to health halogens

·          Every position of this product is mechanically and electrically tested during assembly to ensure a 100% defect free product

·          Minimum 5 microns of tin plating on terminal for easy soldering




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