Blockmaster PCB Screwless Terminal Blocks HA521 10A 250V 2-20 Way EB90


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Blockmaster Terminal Blocks

Type HA521 10A 250V 

PCB Mount Screwless Type

Range: 2 – 20 way – just select from drop down box
Methode Ref: METSE-02 for 2 way 

1 Piece


These terminal blocks have levers that when operated with a fingernail or small object cause inserted wires to be gripped or released enabling easy, temporary connections to a PCB.

Various sizes are available. 

They are physically moulded together in the number of ways selected, that is to say a 2 way strip has 2 terminals moulded together a 3 has 3 etc. etc. However each individual terminal in the strip is electrically separate from the next, the idea is that the strip is soldered on to a PCB and then a speedy connection can be made to each terminal by inserting a separate bared wire and pulling down the white lever to make each individual connection.

Thumb grip lever – pull down to lock on wire, lift to release
Single moulding containing 2 to 20 electrically separate positions 
Green with white lever 
Lever action saves time during installation


Pitch between pins: 5mm

Electrical Current: 10A @ 250V 

Wire range: 18 to 22 AWG 

Pin dimension: 1.15mm x 0.65mm 

Withstanding voltage:500MW (500V DC)

Operating temp: -30C to +85C 

Stripping length: 10mm 

PCB holes: min 1.3mm 

PCB thickness: max 2.4mm 

Housing: Thermoplastic (UL94V-0) 

Terminal: Brass, Tin plated 

Lever: Thermoplastic (UL94V-0) 

Colors available: Green with white lever

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