Bulgin P695 Push Fit 2mm Panel Mount IEC Socket 10A 250V B2 3 Pieces OL0302


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Part no. PX0695/20/63

 P695 IEC Panel Mount Mains Sockets

Live Neutral and Earth Connections

3 Pieces

 These ‘push fit’ into a 2mm panel (or slightly less)

And require a 25mm x 32mm cut out

10A 250V

These are genuine Bulgin parts with all the usual approval stamps – SA, RU, S, VDE. 

Connection via 3 x 6mm ( old 1/4″ ) Faston spade terminals.

For datasheet on this Bulgin range copy and paste:- http://www.tme.eu/en/Document/521b4d3578adae1a027780888a1e1506/px0695-15-63.pdf

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