Electronic Potting Box with Fixing Lugs White 55x42x27mm GPL2W 5 Pieces OL0340


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Electronic Project/Potting Box Moulded in ABS Plastic   External measurements : 55mm x 42mm x 27mm
For internal measurements deduct approx 2mm for wall thickness
 ie. internal space : 53mm x 40mm x 25mm.
 Type no. GPL2W   5 pieces per lot
  A set of 5 multi purpose potting boxes without lids, they can be fixed down with adhesive or drilled and screwed (lugs provided). Designed to house delicate components which can be “potted” in potting compound or surrounded in silicone to protect them. Moulded in ABS to give maximum strength they can be easily punched or drilled to suit individual requirements and to produce a professional looking end product.

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