Engel & Gibbs TR20 240VAC Electronic Trasistorised Relay Timer Cased OM0355D


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Engel & Gibbs Ltd

 TR20 240VAC Electronic Trasistorised Relay Timer Cased 

240VAC Coil

Now obsolete no datasheet available.  

These are not in original packaging and have been in storage for some time with a large ‘milspec’ type OEM. 

They have 11 pre-soldered connection pins, we are not sure if this was done by the manufacturer or at a later stage. 

They could be plugged into a suitable 11 pin relay base (we have these in our shop if required) and are of a very robust design. From their design and size of contacts it would be fair to assume these will handle up to 10 Amps but purchasers should test them prior to use to satisfy themselves of the current they will handle. 

Contact layout:- 3 pole changeover – see photographs above for circuit diagram on the side of the timer.

Cased (can be removed by undoing a screw and depressing clips on side of case). 

A label inside the case and a date code on one of the internal capacitors suggest these were made circa 1971, they are certainly a piece of vintage electronic design.


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