Fairchild 945 FMQB Old Flatpac IC on Plastic carrier OM120


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Fairchild 945 FMQB Old Flatpac IC (date 1983)On plastic carrier.No data on these, if you have better luck than us finding any, please let me know, however we have a sealed tube of 150 of these, if it happens to be a part needed as a replacement to keep an old bit of equipment going, here’s the chance in a million of finding them. We have now been advised of this info by an Ebay member :“Fairchild 945 FMQB is a military grade J-K Flip-Flop using DTL logic. I remember these were designed into the Harrier aircraft auto-stabiliser in 1963 ( yes, 
53 years ago) by Elliott Automation, now BAE Systems at Rochester.”

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