Fairchild UF4001 1A 50V Ultra Fast Recovery Diode 20 pieces OM0003A


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Fairchild UF4001

1A 50V Ultrafast Diode

1A 50V DO-41 Diode

20 pieces

Taped and reeled

  • Ultra Fast Recovery Rectifier Diode,
  • Single Configuration,
  • 50V Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage,
  • 1A Average Forward Current,
  • 30A Peak Forward Surge Current,
  • 1V Forward Voltage,
  • 5uA Reverse Leakage Current,
  •  50ns Reverse Recovery Time,
  • DO-41 Case,
  • -65°C to +150°C,
  •  0.35g Weight,
  • Miniature Ultrafast Recovery Diodes Rated at 1A,
  •  Low Power Loss,
  • High Efficiency,
  •  Low Leakage,
  •  Low Forward Voltage,
  • High Current Capability,
  • High Speed Switching,
  •  High Surge Capability,
  •  High Reliability,
  • Suitable for Use in Switched Mode Power Supplies and Similar Applications,
  •  UF4000 Series

Full datasheet: http://datasheet.octopart.com/UF4007.-Fairchild-Semiconductor-datasheet-35217.pdf

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