Flat Cable Boxed Header Plug DIL Polarised Range 10-64 Way Lugs or no Lugs EB48


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IDC Flat Cable Boxed Header (IDC Insulation Displacement Connector) D.I.L. – Dual in LinePolarised (cut out notch in middle of plastic surround so mating socket can only be inserted one way)
Photographs show all the features of these plugs from various angles in the 40 contact type, all the other different contact numbers from 10 to 64 way are exactly the same in design. 
They come with or without fixing lugs ! The drop down box above has all the connectors available grouped by ‘with or without lugs’ and the ‘contact number ‘.  Range from 10 way to 64 Way in both types – select fixing lug or no fixing lug and the number of ways you require from dropdown box above.For mating flat cable mounting sockets see our shop item EB49 or enter item no.   391254078213
1 piece per lotPhotos are representative of the range of each type.
Methode part number MEFCP


Product:HeadersType:Flat CableNumber of Positions:10 to 64 PositionPitch:2.54 mmNumber of Rows:2 RowContact Plating:Gold

Brand:MethodeContact Material:Phosphor BronzeHousing Gender:Boxed header plugHousing Material:Thermoplastic

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