GEC Plessey Mouse/ Trackball Control Hi Tech Use 33mm Diam Ball Panel Mnt OM0850


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Professional – Industrial – Technological Use

Heavy duty panel mount aluminium housing and ball

Providing smooth, accurate and responsive on screen control to suit professional/industrial/technological type applications.

The ball itself including the electronic circuitry is mounted to a solid aluminium plate, the unit is designed to fit into a 50mm x 56mm cut out, it is secured via four holes, these fixing holes have 63mm centres across the widest side and the narrower side has 43mm centres. 

The PCB (Part no. KB34-400 18897A3 U2-1)) containing the electronic circuitry is connected via a six core screened multi coloured cable (350mm long) to a six way Molex type socket.

The internal trackball diameter is approx 33mm.

The visible part of the units aluminium frame is finished in a matt black the ball has a gloss finish. 

The unit has 4 screws on the underside securing the PCB to the frame which houses the trackball, undoing these gives access to the PCB, ball and the horizontal and vertical motion sensor rollers. 

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This note describes the use of the GEC Plessy KB34-400 trackball.

Special thanks to:

Cursor Controls Ltd

For the following Layout and Wiring/Physical Layout Info


Pin 1 Color red Value 1

Vcc: tested at both 5v and 3.3v

Pin 2 Blue

X1: leads when X-axis rotation is positive

Pin 3 Yellow

X2: leads when X-axis rotation is negative

Pin 4 Green

Y1: leads when Y-axis rotation is positive

Pin 5 White

Y2: leads when Y-axis rotation is negative

Pin 6 Black 


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