Genuine Bulgin P636 / PX0636 6 Pin Line Socket New Old Stock OM0415


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These are original Bulgin parts Type no. P636 (now known as PX0636)

They are stored with us still bulk packed in their original Bulgin boxes.

Whilst in brand new condition they have been in storage for several years,

we have therefore classified them as ‘new other’. 

If you require an original Bulgin item these are the real McCoy! 

For full Bulgin datasheet copy and paste :-


6-Way Polarised Cable Socket 

6 pole appliance inlet connectors designed for industrial use. 

Moulded from phenolic and glass filled nylon, it incorporates fully shrouded contacts and a cable strain relief. 

Solder terminations and an internal key way, ensures correct polarisation when mated.

Contact material silver plated brass

Max. rating 3A, 250V a.c.

Contact resistance<10mΩ

Insulation resistance>104MΩ

Operating temperature-20°C to +60°CMax.

Cable dia. 4mmEnlarge

Not for mains 220-240v use they are marked 50v Use Max. 


A customer has advised:These were used on ‘Magic box’ ignition systems for speedway and grasstrack bikes. Usually in the ratio of two sockets to one plug (one lead on the bike, one for charging the box and the chassis plug was in the box.

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