Grommet 3mm Inner 8mm Outer Diam. Suit 5mm Hole in Panel 12 Pieces MBF008F1


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Grommets with through-hole and rounded edges

12 Pieces

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PVC grommets black

Temperature range: -30 °C → +70 °C



Flexible PVC Round Grommet For 5mm holes 

Cable hole diameter A: 3mm

Panel hole diameter B:   5mm

Panel thickness D:        2mm

Overall diameter C:        8mm

Overall length FDF:       6mm

Flexible PVC grommets. Designed for holes 5mm in diameter and panels 2mm thick. The hole in the centre of the grommet for the cable to pass through is 3mm wide.

How do they work?   When holes are cut into panels, they often leave a sharp edge. PVC grommets sit within these holes and provide a smooth barrier to protect the cables as they are passing through. PVC grommets simply push into the equivalent sized hole and snap into place. They are open type meaning they have an open hole in the middle for the cables.

Why choose PVC?   The grommet is made using a flexible PVC in black. PVC is ideal for grommets at it is strong and durable, and can therefore provide protection to the cables passing through. Flexible PVC makes installation quick and easy. 


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