Header Plug Gold 0.127mm Pitch SIL Easy Snap 10 Way 5 Pieces MBD023H


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Gold Plated PCB Interconnection System DIL (Dual In Line)

Please Note! ..  THESE ARE 1.27mm PITCH 

5 Pieces

PCB interconnection system for making quick on board contact with multi-way circuits. They have 10 DIL pins with a pitch of 1.27mm (that’s the gap between the 2 rows of pins and the gap between the pins side by side.

Gold Plated Pins

Dual in line PCB header plug 

With easy snap or cut insulation strip

1.27mm  (0.05″) pitch

The connector has short (3mm) PCB mount pins on one side of the Insulation strip and longer (4mm) pins on the other.

They have been manufactured as 10 way but they are all easily snapped or cut down to any desired number of ways. 

Superb quality – with square profile gold plated brass pins

  1. End to end stack-able to give a line of connectors as long as required.
  2. Designed to be easily cut to any desired shorter length.
  3. Double row of pins (DIL) 5 pins per row, 10 pins in total.
  4. Pin length: Shortest section – 3mm to insulator.
  5. Top section – 4mm above insulator.

Superb quality!

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