Heat Shrink 2-1 End Cap Glue-Lined Diam. 35mm x L. 60mm 2 Pieces OM0917A


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2 Pieces
To cap a wire bundle or tube
min. diameter 18mm to max. 35mm
Unlike many shrinkable caps these are very robust and durable in design, the wall thickness is 1.5mm and the heat activated adhesive inside provide a secure moisture and dust seal, rated to 35KV.
Cable end protection insulation and sealing – tube end sealing
Shrinkage Ratio:  2-1 – ie tube will shrink down to 50% of original diameter
Temperature Range:  -55°C ~ +125°C
Shrinking Temperature:  80°C ~ 120°C
Material:  Polyolefine (Flame Resistant and insulating)
Colour:  Black
Features:  Glue-lined, Waterproof

High voltage resistant: 35KV

Tolerance:  3-5mm. Due to the way these heat shrink tube caps are manufactured there may be a 3-5mm difference in size
often coming a little larger than the stated pre-shrunk size, however the tube cap will always shrink to 50% of the stated pre-shrunk size.
Please note! the caps may arrive quite flattened this is to keep postal costs down, it does not affect their function on use the first warming makes them malleable and easy to pop back into shape
End Cap Boot
Diameter 35mm

These caps came to us as part of a purchase of surplus stock from a large Milspec’ type Co.

As they have been kept in storage for some time we have classified them as ‘new other’, however they are in pristine condition still in sealed manufacturers packaging, we have tested them – they shrink and seal perfectly.

– don’t forget we offer a money back guarantee on all our listings.

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