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Heavy Duty Retractable Key Ring 800mm (31.5″) Nylon Pull Cord with Self Adhesive Peel Off Pad
 Brand new recoil keyring ideal for keys & swipe cards.
Heavy duty commercial grade, these were originally supplied to a national chain of supermarkets intended for many years of use in an arduous commercial environment. We were amazed to find the metal casing is made of solid copper with a bright chrome plated finish. In their quality of construction they are streets ahead of any similar retractable keyrings we have seen on the market.  
The robust recoil is facilitated by the use of a high tensile steel spring.
They are precision made with an 800mm+ (31.5″) nylon rope.
The key-holding ring itself is made from high grade steel for strength, it has a riveted hinge and a hooked sprung locking action for easy placement and removal of keys (unlike the fiddly overlapped wire ring of inferior versions ).
Features a handy self adhesive peel off pad which enables the keyring to be firmly secured, to anything suitable – metal surfaces, tills, office furniture etc. ( as an experiment we have used one in the office, it adhered to the painted metal finish of our filing cabinet so well that we have so far failed to remove it ).
 An example of an ideal use for these would be to hold a spare key for emergency use – hidden out of the way in any location within 800mm of the lock to be operated, perhaps even keeping a spare key or card hidden underneath a cars dashboard perhaps.   Dimensions 40mm x 40mm x 12mm ( plus the approximate 2-3mm of the adhesive pad ).
Sale is for one item only – if you do require a quantity of these please contact us for bulk discount – all sales through Ebay.
Customer Feedback: “Fantastic Quality & Value Timpsons sell a far inferior tin one for £5.99″/

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