Illinois Capacitors Electrolytics 250v 150uf LMUM M 105'C 10 Pieces OL0626


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 250v 150uf Electrolytic capacitors by Illinois Capacitor Inc. 

A pack of 10

Features: bulk filtering, high current, snap mount leads, 105’C

Applications:bulk filtering, switching power supplies


Capacitance 150uf

Dissipation factor 0.1 Max at 120Hz

Temperature range -40’C to + 105’C

ESR: 1105.2 milliOhms Max at 20’C and 120Hz

Tolerance -20%, +20%

WVDC 250 volts DC

SVDC 300 volts DC

Ripple current 0.7A at 120Hz and 105’C

Impedance ratios -25’C/20’C -3     -40’C/20’C  -8

Leakage current .02CV or 2000uA whichever is less 750 uA after 5 mins

Load Life 2000 hours t 105’C with 100% of rated voltage and with 100% of rated ripple current

Max capacitance change less than and up to 20% of initially measured value

Dissipation factor change less than and up to 200% of maximum specified value

Leakage current less than and up to 100% of maximum specified value


Diameter (D): 22mm +/- 1mm

Length (L): 25mm +/- 2mm

Lead spacing (S): 10mm +/- 0.1mm

Lead wire diameter (d): 1.5mm +/- 0.5mm

Lead length (LL): 6.3mm +/- 1mm

Lead finish: Matte tin

Coating: Brown PVC sleeving

Ripple current multipliers

Frequency multipliers

50Hz   0.8

120Hz 1

400Hz  1.07

1 kHz  1.13

10 kHz  1.19

100 kHz  1.2

Temperature multipliers

45’C  2.5

60’C  2.2

65’C  2

70’C  2

75’C  1.8

85’C  1.8

105’C  1

125’C  0

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