IMO C4/32T-0,4 Thermal Magnetic Circuit Breaker New & Boxed I187 MBB015a


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IMO Thermal Magnetic Circuit Breaker

Type C4/32T-0,4 


C4 Motor Circuit Breakers

Compact and high integrity protection of electric motors up to 100Amps, and 100kA, is provided by IMO’s C4 range of motor circuit breakers. Robust and reliable in operation, the circuit breakers provide optimal motor protection by integrating the functions of a moulded case circuit breaker and a thermal overload relay into a single, highly compact unit.

The C4 circuit breakers integrate the latest developments in technology for low voltage electromechanical devices. These developments are enabling IMO to provide components with a higher number of incorporated functions, allowing more compact configurations in electric motor installations.

Motor protection rating up to 100 Amps
Shor t circuit breaking capacity up to 100kA
Phase failure protection
DIN rail mounting
Wide range of accessoriesRated Current  – 0,4A,Suitable for Motors 3-400V – 0,09KW,  Setting range thermal overload release – 0,25A-0.4A, Instantaneous short circuit release – 5.2AShort circuit breaking capacity at 3-400V (1cd) – 100KA   Weight   320g

      A        A            Pt no.       ics kA       ics kA

0.25 – 0.4



           100             100        

IMO C4/32T-0,4,  A  4-6a motor protection circuit breaker, new. 

ue(v)          icu(ka)     ics(ka)

230/240      100          100

400/415       100          100

440/460        100         100

500/525        100         100

600/690         100         100

New and Boxed!

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