IMO G6F-AD2AQ (V2.0) A/D conversion module New & Boxed I179 MBB012a


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IMO A/D conversion module 

Part no. G6F-AD2A (V2.0)

Voltage/current input 4 channels 1-5V, 1-10V, -10 to +10V, 4-20mA

For use with the IMO G6 

A very compact modular 

programmable controller offering extremely high 

performance. It is ideal for all applications from 

process control to machine control

Up to 256 I/O

High speed processing with dedicated MPU 0.5┬Ásec 

per step 

Memory capacity 17Ksteps 

Conforms to elements of the IEC1131-3 standard 


PID control, computer link, high speed counter and 

RTC CPU options are available

Fieldbus option 1Mbps (FNet),deviceNet, and 

Profibus options 

Computer link module for linking up to 32 PLCs to a 

computer, or to other devices by easily configuring 

user protocols

Wide range of digital and analogue I/O

High speed counter module

Conforms to CE requirements

For full data sheet on the IMO G series programmable  controller simply search G6F-AD2A, 

or contact us

New and Boxed!

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