Insuloid NX18 33.3mm-38.1mm Diam Cable P Clips Light Weight Polyamide MBF002e


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Insuloid NX18 Polyamide P clips

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Now Discontinued !

Insuloid seem to be a part of Hellerman Tyton these days.

The NX range is still available but no longer extends as far as this extra large NX18 type.

These extra large clips (able to secure cable or hose from 33.3mm- 38.1mm in diameter) came to us as part of a lot of surplus stock from a large ‘Milspec’ type Co. As these have been in storage for some time we have classified them as ‘new other’.

Manufactured from Polyamide, they offer good temperature resistance and are very strong. The clips are able to secure cables of various sizes, 33.3mm- 38.1mm in diameter, by offering a range of 4 fixing holes 

This feature means users do not have to stock a large range of clips. For permanent or semi-permanent cable fixings.

Their light weight made them particularly suitable for use in the aerospace industry where minimising weight while retaining secure fixing is vitally important.

Width of Clip   18mm


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