Jack Plug With 1mm Centre Pin 6.5mm 0uter/4mm Inner Diam On 1 Metre Lead OM0691A


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DC Power Plug  Lead 

1 Metre long

Power Jack Plug Dimensions

6.5mm Outer Diameter

4mm Inner Diameter

With 1mm Centre Pin

Two Core Cable Black outer Brown and Blue Inner cores

Cable marked:-

CMK TSE HAR 3182V HO5VV-F 2 X 1mm² 300-500V  CE

These came to us from a large Milspec type Co.

It looks like they were made to order for a specific job. 

The cable is of good quality with 1mm² inner cores 

(unusual to have such large diameter cable on a DC lead).

 The power jack plug is encased in what

 looks like a really heavy grade of heat shrink making it 

very hard-wearing.

 Please ensure you require this size of large power plug (6.5mm outer diameter)


Prior to purchasing!




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