Jamicon Black Aluminium Heat Sink and Fan 12VDC 50x50x10mm OL0124A


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Fan & Heat Sink originally for P111 Processors

Jamicon TYPE JF0510B1M Ball Bearing Fan

12Vdc 50mm x 50mm x 10mm 

Power lead for fan approx 150mm long, 3 wire, red, black and white (white sense wire can be ignored if not required)

Fan is secured to the aluminium heat sink with 4 self tapping screws.

Heatsink measures 119mm Long x 56mm Wide x 22mm High

These fan and heatsink combo’s were designed for use on the old P111 processors, they were never used and have languished in storage for some years (we have therefore classified them as ‘new other’). The unit consists of the cooling fan, heatsink with silicon pad to adhere to processor chip.

This really efficient cooling unit could be used for a multitude of cooling applications. Check out the photographs to see if this inexpensive unit could solve your overheating problems.


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