Li Shin LSE9901B1250 12Volt 4.16A Power Adaptor 2.5 and 2.1mm Power Jack OM1177


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Input via 3 pin IEC plug to suit worldwide use 100/240VAC

Output 12VDC 4.16 Amp

To suit flat screen TFT monitors – or any other usage requiring 12Vdc at up to 4.16A

If you are looking for a 12Vdc @ 1, 2, 3, up to 4.16Amp this quality adaptor is ideal

It’s capable of delivering up to 4.16A but any lower amperage will be handled easily. 

To suit TFT’s, LCD TV’s etc. 



100% No Quibble Guarantee 

This adaptor is suitable for 12Vdc monitors that require between 1a and 4A input
(so it’s fine for 12Vdc @ 2.7A – 3A – 3.42A – 3.5Aa – 4Amp etc.)

Various approvals, CE, N, S, D, FI, UL,SA, GS, ETC. ETC. 

Recent Feedback “SUPERB! My Hanson LCD monitor has a working PSU. Perfect!”

“Fast delivery! All working! My Proview CY765 TFT monitor lives again! Thank you!”

This type no. LSE9901B1250 adapter could be used to replace the following:-  ADP-50XB, ADP-40ZB (REV.B), ADP-60PB, D5064-83005, 307653-001, P5064-80005, 173315-001, D5064-83005, FSP050-1AD101, 12344-1005 or D1270365G and many others.

To suit LCD Monitors such as Slimage, Batesias, Gem, Neso, Viewsonic, Megavision and others.

Make and model of compatible LCD Monitors:-

Acer AC501
Acer AC711
Acer AC915
Acer AF705
Acer AL506
Acer AL511
Acer AL512
Acer AL532
Acer AL712
Acer AL713
Acer AL715
Acer AL716
Acer AL722
Acer AL732
Acer AL922
Acer LCD Monitor
AG Neovo F-415
AG Neovo F-417
AG Neovo F-419
AG Neovo LCD Monitor
AG Neovo M-15
AG Neovo S15T
AG Neovo S15V
AG Neovo S-17
AG Neovo S-18
AG Neovo S-19
AG Neovo X-174
AG Neovo X-215
Batesias BALT15
Batesias BALT17S
Batesias BT-1711
Batesias CL-150P
Batesias V171RTNRA
Batesias V171RUXRA
Batesias V171RUXRSA
Batesias V172RTNRA
Batesias V175RUXRA
Batesias V175RUXRSA
Batesias VMT201-1-D
BenQ FP2081
BenQ FP450
BenQ FP547
BenQ FP553
BenQ FP557
BenQ FP563
BenQ FP567
BenQ FP581
BenQ FP581
BenQ FP591
BenQ FP731
BenQ FP747
BenQ FP767
BenQ FP791
BenQ FP855
BenQ FP991
BenQ LCD Monitor
Gem GL-150L
Gem GL-180TUA
Gem GL-1821A
Gem GL-190Z2
Gem GL-1920A
Gem GL-1920B
Gem GL-1920S
Gem GL-500A
Gem GL-556A
Gem GL-70FA
Gem GL-715A
Gem GL-812A
Gem GL-821A
Gem GL-822A
Gem GL-JT166S
Gem GL-T2315U
Gem GL-T2315U
Hitachi EM
Hitachi LCD
KDS Radius RAD-5
KDS Radius Rad-7c

Megavision MV140
Megavision MV151
Megavision MV170
Megavision MV171
Megavision MV173
Microtek 710S
Microtek C593
Microtek C783GM
Microtek C997SD
Mitsubishi DV150
Monitor KDS LCD Monitor
Neso LD500
Neso LD500V
Neso LD530
Neso LD700V
Neso LD730
Planer PL191M
Planer PT1503N

Princeton LCD Monitor
Princeton Senergy 2081
Princeton Senergy 561
Princeton Senergy 561
Princeton Senergy 561
Princeton Senergy 751
Princeton Senergy 850
Princeton Senergy 981
Radius LCD Monitor
Radius RAD-5mm or 5.5mm 
Radius Rad-7c
Radius Rad-9P
Slimage 100DWHI
Slimage 400A
Slimage 401MSR
Slimage 510A
Slimage 610A
Slimage 710A
Slimage 821A
Viewsonic Q170

Viewsonic Q170B



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