Motorola MC145436AP Low Power Duel Tone Multiple Freq Receiver 14DIL 96DC OM0075


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Motorola MC145436AP  Integrated Circuit 14 DIL  96DC1 piece   Low Power Duel Tone Multiple Frequency Receiver   The MC145436A is a low–power and improved input sensitivity version of theMC14LC5436.The MC145436A is a silicon gate CMOS LSI device containing the filter anddecoder for detection of a pair of tones conforming to the DTMF standard withoutputs in hexadecimal. Switched capacitor filter technology is used togetherwith digital circuitry for the timing control and output circuits. The MC145436Aprovides excellent power line noise and dial tone rejection and is suitable forapplications in central office equipment, PABX, and keyphone systems, remotecontrol equipment and consumer telephony products.The MC145436A offers the following performance features:• Single + 5 V Power Supply• Detects All 16 Standard Digits• Uses Inexpensive 3.58 MHz Crystal• Provides Guard Time Controls to Improve Speech Immunity• Output in 4–Bit Hexadecimal Code• Built–In 60 Hz and Dial Tone Rejection• Pin Compatible with SSI–204, MC145436, and MC14LC5436• Functional and Applicational Compatible with MC145436 and MC14LC5436
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