Murphy Battery Fast 2 Hour Charger 4 x AA C or D Type NiCd or NiMh OM1021


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Murphy Type:  CX1200+

Charges NiMH or NiCd batteries

Charges 2 or 4 – AA, C, or  D’s in 2 hours !

Up to 1000 cycles!

(sizes should not be mixed)

Sturdy and compact construction 

Dual LED charge indicator

Red fast charge indicator 

Automatically changes to green trickle charge indicator after 2 hours.

The red LED lights up when 2 batteries are inserted in the bay adjacent to it, this is to signal that the 2 hour charge cycle has begun, if charging 2 batteries only you should use this bay (next to the red LED) if charging 4 then use both bays. If you put 2 batteries in the bay that is not next to the red LED the charge cycle will not be initiated and the red LED will not light.

Always make sure you have a good connection by pulling back the spring loaded clip a few times and pressing lightly on it to ensure a good contact.

Please note: these chargers are ‘as new’ and in perfect working order, they were purchased as part of a bulk purchase of surplus stock. 

They are are offered here at this bargain price (they were “top end” when originally manufactured) simply because they have been in storage for some time, they may not look the most modern in design, but here’s a chance to buy an inexpensive, good quality charger, that will last! 

The chargers are fine for charging NiMH batteries as well as NiCd, you may note the booklet refers to NiCd only, this is because they were current at the time and the manufacturers wished to stress that you should not attempt to recharge ordinary alkaline batteries, only rechargeable ones.


We test each charger by charging 4 AA  Ni Mh 1.2V 1200mAh batteries- we include these free of charge, but they are the older 1200mAh sort not the more recent 2900 or 3000mAh  

The charger will come with it’s instruction booklet and still in the bubble pack bag in which it was supplied

Purchasers please note:-

Firstly:  the instruction booklet only mentions NiCd, this is because the chargers have been in storage for some time, when they were manufactured NiMh batteries were not as available as they are today, but be assured they are fine charging NiMh as per the four AA NiMh 1200mA batteries we use to test the chargers prior to shipping, which are then included F.O.C.

These batteries are of the same vintage as the charger, they are the older 1200mA type, we include them with our compliments, hopefully they will give long service but it should be noted they are not guaranteed in any way. 

We have tested these 2 hour chargers on AA, C and D type Ni Mh batteries with only good results.

We Purchase Surplus Stock!!!

If you or your company has items similar to the above, or indeed any electronic components surplus to requirements, please contact us with details as we are keen to increase our stock profile.

 As many of our lines come in to us as surplus – sometimes from high end ‘Milspec’ type manufacturers we try to pass on our savings to our customers – often selling industrial grade or military spec components at a fraction of their original cost.

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