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National Semiconductor MM74HC4051M

2 Pieces

 Analog Multiplexer

 SMD (SOIC-16) Tubed.

You will receive a cut length of tube containing the quantity ordered.

General Description

These MM74HC4051 multiplexers are digitally controlled analog switches implemented
in advanced silicon-gate CMOS technology.

switches have low “on” resistance and low “off” leakages.

They are bidirectional switches, thus any analog input may
be used as an output and vice-versa.

Also these switches
contain linearization circuitry which lowers the on resistance
and increases switch linearity. 

These devices allow
control of up to ±6V (peak) analog signals with digital control
signals of 0 to 6V.

Three supply pins are provided for
VCC, ground, and VEE.

This enables the connection of 0–
5V logic signals when VCC = 5V and an analog input range
of ±5V when VEE = 5V.

All three devices also have an
inhibit control which when HIGH will disable all switches to
their off state.

All analog inputs and outputs and digital
inputs are protected from electrostatic damage by diodes
to VCC and ground.

MM74HC4051: This device connects together the outputs
of 8 switches, thus achieving an 8 channel Multiplexer. 

binary code placed on the A, B, and C select lines determines
which one of the eight switches is “on”, and connects
one of the eight inputs to the common output.

Manufacturer: National Semiconductor
Product Category: Multiplexer Switch ICs
Number of Channels: 1 Channel
Number of Switches: 1
On Resistance – Max: 230 Ohms
On Time – Max: 355 ns
Off Time – Max: 290 ns
Propagation Delay Time: 60 ns
Operating Supply Voltage: 2 V to 6 V
Maximum Operating Temperature: + 85 C
Mounting Style: SMD/SMT
Package/Case: SOIC-16 Narrow
Bandwidth: 30 MHz
Brand: National Semiconductor
Maximum Power Dissipation: 500 mW
Minimum Operating Temperature: – 40 C
Packaging: Tube
Series: MM74HC4051
We believe these are now obsolete for equivalent Philips datasheet copy and paste:- 

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