NEC Tokin GL-2050MV AKP1275B AC Filter Pioneer-436XE Plasma OM0400


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A brande new mains noise filter input unit NEC/Tokin 250VAC 5A as used in the…

Pioneer PDP-436SXE 43in Plasma TV

Part no GL-2050MV/AKP1275B

2 x 0.47uf(x2)MKT SH+470Kohm

+2 x 11.5mH + 2 x 1500pF(Y)SPDT +2 x 3uH

Input via the IEC 3 pin input socket, to suit the standard computer style mains lead, output via standard coloured, ie brown (L) blue(N) (connected to a molex type plug) and green (E) fitted with a 1/4″ spade connector.


Length 110mm, Width 45mm, Height 28mm.

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