Philips 2222 679 58479 Min Ceramic Plate Capacitor 47pF 100V 2% 20 Pcs MBD017D


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20 Pieces

• High-frequency circuits
• Temperature compensating
• High stability
• Space saving.
In a great variety of electronic circuits,
e.g. in filters and tuning circuits where
high stability and/or temperature
compensation are a requirement.
Because of their small size the
capacitors are suitable for use in
circuitry with high component density.
The capacitors consist of a thin
rectangular ceramic plate, both sides
of which are metallized, and tinned
connecting leads are secured using a
high melting point solder. The
capacitors are encapsulated in epoxy
lacquer, which is resistant to all
commonly used cleaning solvents.
They have small dimensions and
narrow tolerances on the lead
spacing. The leads are provided with
a flange, which guarantees that the
leads are free of lacquer, and its
shape allows soldering gasses to
escape freely, ensuring excellent
solderability. This makes the
capacitors suitable for both
hand-mounting and automatic
insertion. The electrical properties are
characterized by low losses, a narrow
tolerance on capacitance
(±0.25 pF or 2%), high stability and,
owing to the absence of silver, an
extremely good DC behaviour

For Philips datasheet search:    2222 679 58479

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