Philips 34451104 MKT Polycarbonate Capacitors 0.1uf 250V 10% 5 Pcs MBE002C


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Polycarbonate Capacitor 100nF 400VDC 250VAC/50Hz P=15mm 2222-344-51104

Metallized polycarbonate film capacitor MKC 344

APPLICATIONS: In electronic circuits for blocking and coupling, bypass and energy reservoir applications.

Capacitance value: 100nF
Capacitance tolerance: ±10%
Rated voltage UR: 400VDC
Rated voltage UR (50Hz): 200VAC
Insulation resistance at 20°C: 30G-Ohm
Dimension: b=7mm h=13mm L=17.5mm
Pitch (RM): 15mm
Temperature range: -55°C to +100°C

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Make: Philips

Type: 2222-344

0.1uF 10% 400Vdc Radial MKT 

Marked 0.1/10/400 344 51104

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