Pickering 102F-1-A-121D Flatpack Coaxial R.F. Reed Relay 12v Up To 3GHz OM0341D


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Pickering Flatpack Coaxial R.F. Reed Relay 

Subminiature Coaxial Reed Relays for RF and High Speed Digital Up to 20 Watts switching

Up to 3GHz 12v Coil

Part no. 102F-1-A-121D 

1 Piece 

102F (Flatpack) Package 

The 102F package dispenses with the leadframe connections to the switch and screen. These terminations are instead brought out axially from the ends of the device where they are soldered directly to the stripline. This technique allows very accurate matching to the 50 ohms line and gives an excellent VSWR right up to 3 GHz. Mounting method: A small rectangular hole is punched into the printed circuit board or notched into the board edge to accommodate the package. The switch leads are then soldered directly to the 50 ohms stripline, the tin plated copper foil from the screen is soldered directly to the ground plane on the reverse side of the P.C.B. The coil connections are soldered directly to their tracks in the same way

These are genuine Pickering parts they came to us as part of a purchase of surplus stock from a large ‘Milspec’ type co. 

They have been in storage for some time but are as new, still in original packaging, and work perfectly.


For datasheet copy and paste :- http://www.pickeringrelay.com/pdfs/102-coaxial-rf-sil-reed-relays.pdf


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