PLCC 44 Surface Mount IC Socket for Flat pack 44 pin IC’s 4 pieces OM1005


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44PLCC Surface Mount IC socket 
4 pieces 

IC & Component Socket, 44 Tin Plated Contacts

PLCC – 44 Pin Surface Mount Socket -sits flush to PCB, pins flat, NOT THROUGH HOLE
Designed to be flow soldered !

Product details

  • PLCC SOCKET, 44 POS, SMD Connector
  • Type: PLCC Socket
  • No. of Contacts:44
  • Pitch Spacing: 1.27mm
  • Contact Material:Copper Alloy
  • Contact Plating: Tin
  • Socket Mounting:PC Board
    These SMT PLCC Series Sockets are low profile, thin wall sockets designed to hold plastic leaded chips 
  • They conform to all applicable EIA and JEDEC standards. 
  • They have superior precision stamped contacts which provide consistent, high retention contacts for 44 pin chips. 
  • Their open frame design allows easy solder joint inspection. 
  • They are manufactured with Hi-Temp PPS to accommodate SMT soldering processes.
  •  Chips are easily removed with a PLCC chip extractor, see our item no. 390651475624 
    For generic datasheet (not same make but same spec.)copy and paste:-
  • Brand new taped and reeled. Methode Part no. 213.044.602.P002

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