Precision Multi-Turn Potentiometer Scale Knob Digital 999 Position OM0329A


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Description: Lockable precise setting rotary knob

  • Material: Aluminium, brass and plastic
  • Colour: Black base white scale with aluminium bezel
  • Digital control: Inner scale 0 to 99 outer window 0 to 9
  • Outer diameter: 22mm
  • Height: 25mm
  • Diameter: Shaft 6 mm or slightly less
  • Shaw positioning centre distance: 9mm
  • Fixing: Side adjust Allen Key grub screw Allen Key included
  • Used for precise tuning or adjustment
  • Primarily intended for use with precision multi-turn wirewound potentiometers
  • Laps: 10
  • Rotational torque: 50 ~

These are a good quality precise adjustment knob comfortable to use and well made, capable of really fine adjustment the scale can be set to up to 999 positions, the outer scale has 0 to 99 positions, as the knob turns through the 100th the outer window automatically moves from 0 to 1. Once the desired position is found the sliding lock can be engaged to secure it in that position. 

Unlike most modern knobs which have indicators simply painted or stuck on, the indicator scale is etched into the plastic and then coloured white.


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