Profix Nail Plug for Cable Clips Nails into Hard or Soft Walls 5x18mm OMQ2-03


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These are really useful when fixing cable to hard surfaces (masonry etc.) which the cable clip nails nails cannot penetrate and soft Aercrete blocks or plaster board (sheetrock) which won’t hold the nails firmly enough on its own.

Please note: we are offering just the wall plugs here, the cable clips shown in the photographs are not included, they are for illustration purposes only (we have a selection of clips in stock see our other items under cable clips) 

Size:  5mm x 18mm 
For use with cable clip pins or other small nails, masonary or otherwise.

For a selection of cable clips see our shop.

A solution to fixing cable clips to both Hard and very soft walls.
These special Profix nail plugs are made from high impact polystyrene. 
Used for fixing cable clip pins or similar small nails into very hard masonry/concrete and very soft building materials such as lightweight low density soft aercrete blocks and thicker plaster board (20mm at least) etc.

In hard or brittle substrates drill a 5.5mm hole 20mm deep, push the nail plug into the hole and tap it fully home. Then simply hammer the nail in to the centre of the nail plug. 

In softer substrates, drill a slightly smaller 5mm hole and continue as above with the harder materials. 

In very soft aerated substrates such as aercrete blocks – a 5mm hole can be drilled – or it is often possible to hammer these high impact nail plug directly into the block without pre drilling. Hold the nail plug between finger and thumb and gently hammer home.


Plug Diameter:  5mm 

Plug Length: 18mm 

Nail Diameter Accepted:  1.5mm, 2mm & 2.5mm 

Recent customer feedback:

“Ideal for helping to hammer in clips to secure external cables over rendered brickwork”.

” I’ve been struggling for years fixing cables to hard walls with ordinary screw plugs, on the recommendation of a friend I tried these, there’s a little pre drilling necessary but well worth it for a firmly fixed cable run. As an added bonus they’re great indoors too – I’ve used them on plaster board and even recently in an old cottage with horrible walls of a lime wash over the old black mortar.” 

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