Pro’s Kit Quality Desolder Wick Braid Solder Removal 2mm 2.5mm Wide 1.5m OM896


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Good Quality Pro’s Kit De-Soldering Braid 2mm and 2.5mm wide

Select width required from drop down box

1.5 metres long

As used by professionals

1 piece


We also sell these in lots of 6 in our Ebay shop.

This light, pure copper braid features excellent thermal conductivity at lower temperatures for the fast and easy removal of solder, simply apply your soldering iron to heat the joint needing attention, apply the braid, and it will suck up the solder like magic. 

Responds faster than conventional de-soldering braids

A purified rosin type flux is ultrasonically applied to protect the copper from oxidation and to increase the wicking action of the braid

The handy rubber reels pop open for use, and simply pop back to seal the reel when finished.


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