Ridged Control Knob With Aluminium Skirt & Line Indicator 1/4" Shaft KN5GS OM0325


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High Quality Control Knob With Skirt And Pointer

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A black plastic indicator knob with polished aluminium skirt, (protected by polythene cover so it reaches you in perfect condition) and a black line indicator.

The knob has a knurled finish enabling a secure grip for precise adjustment. 

To all vintage radio buffs, electronic hobbyists, radio hams and music system buffs these are a real ‘must have’ item.


17.5mm deep.

30mm Diameter to outer edge of skirt.

17.5mm Diameter to inner edge of skirt.

To suit a 1/4″ (6.35mm) shaft, knob is secured to shaft by a slotted brass grub screw. 

To fit even a quite short shaft, we have added photographs of a potentiometer with an 8 mm shaft that fits and is secured by the grub screw which is within 4-5mm of the recess, so even a 5mm shaft should be ok. 

If fitting to a very short shaft you just need to ensure that the threaded section of your switch or pot will sit in the 16mm diameter recess at the back of the knob. 

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