Robinson Health Stainless Steel Nail Clippers Barrel Spring Medical Grade OM1147


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 Robinson Healthcare Ltd. UK.

Heavy Duty Nail Clippers with Barrel Spring

Ideal for home or professional use, they will clip finger nails accurately and neatly, but when the heavy guns are required, for those of us with uncooperative, unyielding, resilient  toenails – show them who’s boss with this excellent set of clippers. 
Beware the toughest nails will succumb! – but it may be necessary to shield the eyes !
Overall length 135mm Blade length 20mm
Approval stamped 
Features include:-1) Comfortable ribbed handles – which sit comfortably in the hand.2)Barrel – spring loaded action – ensuring that after clipping, the blades spring back to the open position.3)Safety retaining clip – to close cutting blades when not in use.4)Flat cutting edge – using a nibble technique the flat cutting blades permit a neat precise finish to even the toughest nails.
The Pedicurist’s Best Friend

Made from Surgical grade stainless steel, these are supplied in a sealed sterilized pack.They were originally intended for medical use, and came to us as out of date stock from the NHS, as such they are marked “single use”, but they are a high quality clippers that we can guarantee from personal use will give many years of service.


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