Samwha Electrolytic Capacitor 470uf 10v 130’C VA1A477M1012M 5 pieces OL0180


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Samwha Radial Electrolytic Capacitors 

470uf 10V 130’C Low Imp

A Samwha VA series, low impedance capacitor with safety vent. 

Suitable for high frequency operation. 

Ideal use in electronic control unit (ECU) and other high temperature applications.

 10mm x 12.5mm, 

5mm pitch

130′ C, 

5 pieces

Body Diameter 10 mm

Capacitance 470 uF

Height 12.5 mm

Operating Life 4000 hrs

Operating Temperature Range-40°C to +130°C

Ripple Current 620 mA

Terminal Type Wire Leads

Tolerance 20%

Brand Samwha

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