Self Amalgamating Sealing Tape 30mm x 3mm x 25MTR (85ft) Industrial Grade MBF028


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SELF AMALGAMATING TAPEButyl flexible waterproof sealing tape Industrial Grade30mm X 3mm X 25Mtr (85ft Approx)
Here’s a chance to stock up on a really high grade sealing tape, on industrial sized reels, compare our price per metre (our competitors usually sell on 5 and 10 metre rolls which are only 20 or 25mm wide)BlackSELF BONDS FORMS WATERPROOF LAYER:- BETWEEN 2 FLAT SURFACES MAY BE WRAPPED AROUND A JOINT WORKED IN THE HAND AND SQUIDGED INTO AN ORIFICE TO SEAL
 A useful roll of rubber self amalgamating tape, when wrapped tightly round a joint provides a complete waterproof and weatherproof seal. It is supplied here on Ebay aimed mainly at radio hams for sealing antenna joints connectors etc. though it does have a multitude of other uses in and outside the house!This particular tape is very heavy duty and the large rolls were originally supplied to the electronics industry and is supplied on a 25 metre roll which is 30mm in width and approx. 4mm thick. The method of use is to cut off a suitable length and peel back the non stick separating strip. This leaves the soft rubbery tape which should be applied with a little tension it can then be applied flat between 2 surfaces or tightly wrapped round 2 items which have been connected, almost immediately the rubber tape bonds to itself  and forms a thick rubber seal.Due to the large size of the rolls they are heavy, almost 1.7 Kilos each, we are offering these at the attractive price of £14.99 inclusive of postage, unfortunately postal charges are beyond our control 
Typical uses of this tape are as follows:Sealing and waterproofing of the F connector plug connections on LNB’s for satellite useSealing and waterproofing of the connections on outdoor aerials for TV useSealing and waterproofing of external joins in coaxial cablesSealing and waterproofing of the external connections in Ham radio setupsSealing and waterproofing of joins in external low voltage wiring, eg outdoor lightingMinor plumbing repairs preventing leakage from joints in non pressured water pipesUseful for sealing wiring looms and bonding electrical cables togetherSealing of pipes and cables in automotive repairs
Recently we discovered another use, while fitting some flat galvanised metal sheets on a stable roof, we used the tape to stick to the top and side edges of each sheet so the next sheet fitted, overlapped the tape. So far 6 months in to a wet, windy  Welsh winter, no leaks!  
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