Spectra Strip 132-2802-216 Twist To Flat Ribbon Cable 16 way 1Metre OMR4-01


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Length 980mm approx.

AWG28  7/36 300V 80‘C Insulation 0.10″

10 colour repeating pattern: brown red orange yellow green blue violet grey white and black

white and black not inc here!

Each of these colours is twisted with a Tan (common)

Twisted pairs of conductors to flat ribbon cable every 18″ (457.2mm)

Each flat section is approx 2″ (50.8mm) long

Each flat section gives access for the cable to have IDC connectors fitted

Spectra-Strip Twist ‘N’ Flat� cable combines the time and cost savings of mass termination with the electrical performance of twisted pairs, making it ideal for high speed computers and communications equipment. Labor savings of up to 95% as compared to automatic strip and crimp termination are readily achieved.

Twist ‘N’ Flat� cable consists of stranded round conductors insulated with color coded PVC, twisted into pairs and laminated between layers of PVC film to form a planar cable. The twist in adjacent pairs is reversed to reduce cable crosstalk even further. Standard cables alternate 18-inch (45,7cm) long twisted pair sections with 2 inch (5,1cm) flat sections in which the conductors are laminated in parallel.

Twist ‘N’ Flat� cable can also be fabricated to your custom requirements. Flat sections can be made longer to allow room for multiple connectors. Twisted pair length can be varied from a minimum of 6 inches to many feet to conform to your requirements. The lamination can be fabricated “loose” at specified points to provide easy access to individual conductors. For complete details, consult the Spectra-Strip sales office nearest you.


  • UL / CSA certified
  • Twisted pairs for significant crosstalk reduction
  • Up to 64 conductors (32 pairs) with precise spacing for controlled electrical characteristics
  • Double sided lamination provides excellent conductor strain relief and mass termination from either side of cable
  • Reduced assembly costs compared with discrete or hand lamination terminations

Product Information 


Reel Length (Imperial): 100ft 

Reel Length (Metric): 30.5m 

No. of Conductors: 40

Conductor Size AWG: 28AWG

Pitch Spacing: 1.27mm 

Conductor Area CSA: 0.072mm² 

Jacket Material: PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) 

Jacket Colour: 8 Colour Repeat with each colour twisted with a tan (common)

Voltage Rating: 300V

SVHC: No SVHC (19-Dec-2012)

Approval Bodies: UL 

Cable Type: Twist to Flat 

Cable UL Style Number: UL2697 

Capacitance: 49pF/m

Conductor Make-up: 7/36AWG 

Conductor Material: Copper 

Current Rating: 1A 

Impedance: 100 Ohm 

Insulation Resistance: 10000 Mohm 

No. of Strands x Strand Size: 7 x 0.127mm 

Operating Temperature Max: 105°C

Operating Temperature Min: -20°C 

You are buying 3 feet approx here 2 x 18″ (457.2mm) sections of twist to flat

Standard Ribbon Cable for internal wiring of electronic equipment Superb Quality made by Spectra Strip Ltd (Now part of Amphenol) Full reels of 100 feet also available from  our Ebay shop.

For further technical specifications go to:- http://www.farnell.com/datasheets/514214.pdf 

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