TDK ZCAT1325-0530 Ferrite Filter Clip On 5mm Cable 4 Pieces OM0989


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Ferrite Interference Filters By TDK

A Set of 4 pieces.

Pt no ZCAT1325-0530

ZCAT Series


• Unique plastic clamp case ensures simple, convenient installation and includes a self-holding mechanism to prevent slippage on cables.


• Ferrite core provides excellent absorption of high-frequency EMC



 Highly effective as countermeasure against common mode EMC without adverse effect on signal quality


 Large core size prevents saturation during large signal surges.



Personal computers, word processors, monitors, hard disk drives,

Digital telephones, audio devices, electronic musical instruments, 


video games, copiers and facsimiles.



Product Information
 FERRITE CORE, 25X5MM CABLE DIA Impedance: 50ohm Ferrite Grade: 30 Frequency Range: 50MHz to 500MHz Ferrite Mounting: Split Core MSL: MSL 2 – 1 year Ferrite Case Style: Hinged Core External Diameter: 12.8mm External Length / Height: 25mm Internal Diameter: 5mm Mounting Type: Snap On Cable Operating Temperature Max: 85°C Operating Temperature Min: -40°C

Simply “snap on” to any data or transmission cable to aid in interference suppression.

These are a small clamp to suit up to 5mm cable for example the small diameter cable used on digital camera to computer leads, etc.

If you have ever wondered what the bulge is on a computer or data cable – It’s one of these, moulded into the cable insulation.

This “clip on” version permit’s ease in fitting to almost any cable – anywhere.

Recent feedback “Suppress interference by about 75 percent from LED LIGHTS thanks”

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