Timonta FKF2-45-2/I Fused Mains Filter IEC Input Socket 250VAC 2A Swiss OM0388c


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Timonta FKF 2-45-2/I

Swiss Made

Mains Filter IEC Chassis Mount input unit, fused. 

250VAC 2A @ 45’C

68nf(x2)  2x4mh; 2×2.2nf(Y) MP/MK 

Input via the IEC 3 pin input, to suit the standard computer style mains lead

 internal connection at the back of the unit via 3 x 5mm faston spade terminals. 

Approved to RU, SA, S, DVE.

The unit can be fuse protected the fuse draw takes 2 x 20mm 250V fuses

The units are panel mount screw fit via the front mounting flange. 


Maximum width to outside mounting holes 46mm

Body of filter 30mm x 34mm

Depth of filter 47mm silver body part with 9mm lugs and 5mm black top

Total 61mm length

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