Trupower PP9/PP1 Snap On Battery Clip 305mm leads Black and Red OM1156


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Iong 305mm leads (black and red) 

Trupower PP9/PP1 Battery Clip

Suitable for PP1 and PP9 Type Batteries

One male and one female stud

Twin ‘mouse type’ battery clips.

20AWG 80’C 300v 

Please note: these clips are not for use with PP3 Style 9V Batteries (these clips are similar to look at but a lot smaller)

To suit the large 9 Volt PP9/PP1 batteries  as used in many older Clocks, Toys, Lanterns, Roberts Radio’s etc.

Good quality, approval stamped cable – ROHS, REACH, CSA, TR-64, PT-1 and LL84687

CSA TR-64 wire is a type of hook-up wire that is commonly used for the internal wiring of various kinds of electrical equipment. CSA TR-64 wire is typically rated for a maximum of 300 volts and a temperature range of 80°C to 105°C. Featuring PVC insulation and tinned copper conductors, CSA TR-64 wire is suitable for a wide range of environments, making it ideal for general-purpose internal wiring applications.

PVC insulated and sheathed cables can be used for applications ranging from fixed wiring to flexible installations. This insulation is also able to protect the cable from flame, moisture, abrasion, gasoline, ozone, acids and solvents. 


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