Uniross UNI-R1 Battery Charger 6-7 Hour 6xAA, C or D, 2 x PP3 NiCd/NiMh OM1021A


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Uniross UNI-R1

6-7 Hour Battery Charger

Charges NiMH or NiCd batteries

6 x AA, C or D & 2 x PP3 Ni Cd/ Ni Mh

Up to 1000 cycles, that’s 1000 re charges or 1000 alkaline batteries you have not needed to purchase!

Charges 2, 4, or 6 x AA (RX6), C (RX14), or  D (RX20) sizes in front section under sliding lid

Up to 6 batteries can be charged at one time, any combination of round cell sizes can be charged provided they are inserted in pairs – NB! sizes cannot be mixed in any one charging channel.

With the unit plugged in and batteries correctly located each channel has an illuminated red LED to indicate batteries are being charged correctly, if red LED fails to light there may be a poor connection, re set batteries and pull back and release sprung clamp to correct. Batteries can be left on charge safely for the 6 to 7 hours charging time required, but should not be left on charge for more than 24 hours. 

Also 1 or 2 x PP3 (RX20) size batteries can be inserted in the 2 compartments provided underneath the charger fully discharged PP3 batteries will require 14-16 hours and again should not be left on charge for more than 24 hours. 

Sturdy and compact construction 

Free standing or wall mounted

The charger comes complete with it’s instruction booklet and will be well packed

Please note: these chargers are as new and in perfect working order, they were purchased as part of a bulk purchase of surplus stock. 

They are are offered here at this bargain price (they were “top end” when originally manufactured) simply because they have been in storage for a while, they may not look the most modern in design, but here’s a chance to buy an inexpensive, good quality charger, that will last! and don’t forget it comes with a full guarantee. 


The chargers are fine for charging NiMH batteries as well as NiCd, you may note the booklet instructs that NiCd only should be used, this is because they were current at the time and the manufacturers wished to stress that you should not attempt to recharge ordinary alkaline batteries, only rechargeable ones.

We randomly batch test these chargers by charging 4 x AA  Ni Mh 1.2V 1200mAh batteries through a full charge cycle, you will get 4 of these included F.O.C. –  but they are the older 1200mAh sort not the more recent 2900 or 3000mAh. We have also randomly tested these chargers on AA, C, D and PP3 types of Ni Mh with only good results.

Purchasers please take note:-

Firstly: the instruction booklet only mentions NiCd, this is because the chargers have been in storage for some time, when they were manufactured Ni Mh batteries were not as available as they are today, but be assured they are fine charging Ni Mh batteries. 

Secondly: we include four free AA Ni Mh batteries, we have large stocks of these older 1200mA type, and include them F.O.C. so the purchaser will definitely have batteries to test the charger on its arrival. These batteries come with our compliments, however they have been in storage for some time, despite this they should take a charge OK and hopefully they will give long service – but unlike all our other products they are not guaranteed in any way. 

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