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CM-1 Low cost Miniature Double Balanced Mixer .5-500 MHz
LO Power Range +4 to +13 dBm
1 dB Compression Point 0 dBm
1 dB Desensitization Point -2 dBm
3rd Order Intercept Point +13 dBm
Isolation typ. R-X 30 dB 1-100 MHz, L-R, L-X >50 dB 1-100 MHz (as read
from graphs)
Pin Connections:
LO 8
RF 1
IF 3,4
Ground 2, 5,6,7
Case 2
Note pins 3 and 4 must be connected together
all ground pins must be groundedDESCRIPTION
It Is ideally suited as the first
mixer in receiver and converter
designs to 500 MHz due to its strong
signal handling capability. The k7N
mlcl>and conversion loss may make
front-end RF amplifiers unnecessary in
some applications thus improving
overall input intercept point.
The circuitry consists of eight
matched Schottky diodes and
ed transmission line
Each CM-1H8 is
individually tested to Vari-L’s
demanding quality and performance

As used in the TR7/R7 radio’s

Now obsolete for datasheet SEARCH:- Vari-L CM1

These genuine vintage parts came to us as part of a lot of surplus stock from a large ‘Milspec’ type Co.

Having been in storage for many years we have classified them as ‘new other’. However they are ‘as new’ stored with us still in the Vari-L Case in which they were originally supplied.


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