Vintage Belling Lee 1.25 Inch Silver Plated Copper Fuse Holder 12/Strip OM0924


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 Belling Lee Fuse Holder 

Vintage imperial sized – ideal if you want to add authenticity to a renovation project.

One and a quarter inch long x a quarter inch in diameter 

Equivalent in metric approx. 31mm x 6.35mm

Silver Plated Copper – see photographs

12 fuse holders per strip

Made in England

Genuine Belling Lee product – “BL” and “England” are moulded into the plastic body of each holder (see last photograph above)

Can be snapped or cut off individually as required 

Terminated by solder tags

Fixing hole in the centre of each holder

Could be PCB mounted or panel mounted as solder tags protrude from side as opposed to the bottom.

Sits high off PCB – height of nylon base = 6mm

These genuine Belling Lee parts came to us as part of a lot of surplus components from a large MILSPEC type Co. having been in storage for some years, we have classified them as ‘new other’ though they are in good serviceable condition. Due to their age there may be a little tarnishing on some areas of the silver plating this does not affect their function and is easily removed with a good silver cleaner eg. Goddards silver dip.

Belling Lee are a manufacturer of good quality components now and in the past – these fuse holders have no part no. evident – besides they are probably obsolete now so we cannot supply a datasheet. They are however definitely silver plated over copper. We have included a photo of one of the holders that has been snapped off, hopefully one can see the red colour of the copper base and the tarnish that is so typical of silver on the silver plating.

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