Vishay MKP 338 1 Interference Suppression Film Capacitor 440V 4 pieces OL0518


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Vishay BC Capacitors 

Interference Suppression Film Capacitor Class X1

MKP 338



4 pieces

17mm long x 13mm Wide x 14mm deep 3mm lead length

BC pt no. 2222 338 10683

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Capacitance range (E12 series) 0.01 μF to 1 μF (referred values acc. to E6) 

Capacitance tolerance ± 20 %, ± 10 %, ± 5 % 

Rated AC voltage 440 VAC; 50 Hz to 60 Hz 

Permissible DC voltage 1000 VDC 

Climatic testing class acc. to IEC 60068-1 50/105/56/C for product volumes > 1750 mm3 50/105/56/B for volumes  1750 mm3 

Maximum application temperature 105 °C

Reference standards IEC 60384-14 and EN 60384-14 IEC 60065 pass. flamm. class B for volumes > 1750 mm3 UL 60384-14 Dielectric Polypropylene film Electrodes

Metallized film Construction Mono construction Encapsulation Plastic case, epoxy resin sealed, flame retardant UL-class 94 V-0 Leads Tinned wire 

Marking C-value; tolerance; rated voltage; sub-class; manufacturer’s type; code for dielectric material; manufacturer location, year and week; manufacturer’s logo or name; safety approvals

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