Weco Terminal Block 6 Barriered Poles Each With 6 Faston Tabs 25A 400V OM0444


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Weco  Faston Tab Distribution Terminal Blocks

25A 400V 

6 Poles with insulating barriers on both sides

1 Piece

Tab style 6-pole terminal block from Metway with barrier connectors suitable for medium duty applications. The black polycarbonate mouldings allow relatively high working temperatures (up to 135°C) and are suitable for use with conductors with push on crimped terminals fitted.

The tabs are fitted in in a rivetted ‘star’ format 2 flat, 2 at 45° & 2 at 90° per pole.

  • Suitable for medium duty applications.
  • Polycarbonate mouldings (black UL94 VO) allow relatively high working temperatures up to +135°C
  • Suitable for use with conductors with crimped terminals fitted
  • Chassis mounting
  • Tabs – Nickel plated brass
  • Tab terminal current rating 25A
  • Voltage rating 400V
  • Rivets – Tinned copper

6 poles – each pole consisting of 6 connected faston tab 6.3 mm (old 1/4″) male spade terminals

Thus connecting a voltage to one spade terminal results in the other five of that pole becoming live.

  •  Tab Terminal Block
  •  25A Current Rating
  •  400V Voltage Rating
  •  6mm² Wire Size
  •  Nickel Plated Brass Contact Material
  • Rivets Copper /Tinned
  •  Polycarbonate Housing Material UL94 V0
  •  Colour Black
  •  Max working Temperature +135°C
  •  44mm Fixing Centres 
  • M4 Screws or similar required to fix (not supplied)
  •  UL94-V0 Flame Retardant Moulding
  •  8mm Stripping Length
  •  Suitable for Medium Duty Applications.
  • Dimensions.
  • Width to widest part of barrier fins –  36mm
  • Length (Overall) –  63mm
  • Good Quality – Various approval stamps RU, SA, VDE, N, T90


These parts came to us as part of a lot of surplus stock from a large Milspec type Co. and have been kept in storage for some time, we have therefore classified them as ‘new other’. They are however in pristine condition still in their original packaging and ‘as new’ in all respects, the photographs are representative of their excellent condition, and, as with all our products they come with a full guarantee. 

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