4 x AA (UM-3) Battery Holder (Long) & PP3 Clip Red/Black 50mm 2pcs OM0523A


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4 x AA Battery Holder with PP3 Battery clip

To hold 4 x AA (UM-3) batteries

2 pieces

 (you will receive 2 x 4AA battery holders plus 2 x PP3 battery clips)

Includes 2 x PP3 Battery clips with 50mm leads 

Designed to take 2 batteries end to end on each side of the holder (4 x AA in total), making it long and slim – ideal in a tight space.  

Dimensions 105mm x 23mm x 15mm

To suit 4 x AA batteries of any type Zinc, alkaline/rechargeable – Ni Mh, Ni Cd etc.. 

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